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Research and curatorship project made possible by the Marc Ferrez Award, presented at Galeria Vermelho

2014 - 2016


© Edouard Fraipont

This research project was carried out over two years thanks to the XIII Marc Ferrez Photography Award (Funarte), which enabled contact with different aspects of artistic production and circulation networks in ten cities, from north to south of the country. The result exhibited a polyphonic set of works marked by the presence of photography as a narrative instrument. The plural character of this investigation reflects the tendency of contamination between languages; not only from the perspective of the hybridity of postmodern aesthetics, but also, keeping in tune with the symbiosis between text and image, increasingly fed by the interactive complexity of communication in contemporary society. The transmission of an event is facilitated by the superposition of different means to describe complementary facets in its attribution of meaning. Above all, with regard to current narratives, texts are invaded by images and these are resinified by writing.


Fotos Tell Fatos lists unconventional approaches, when compared to the presentation of traditional photography that portrays unique images. The research sought other ways to articulate photographic propositions that move between artistic categories. Thus, the dialogue is amplified in a context that values the reading of the image as a vehicle  narrative  in varied supports such as installation, sculpture, object, video or books and publications in general. 

In tune with the generalized sensation of information overload that challenges our daily selective capacity, the expography, adopted in this proposition, evokes the compulsive and aggregating nature of the library, transgressing the formal asepsis of the “white cube”. The works are displayed on conventional metal shelves like those found in libraries. The gallery's occupancy is saturated. There is an excess of stimuli that compromise the assimilation of the whole.

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Alair Gomes • Alexandre Furcolin Filho • Alexandre Sequeira • Alice Miceli • Aline Lata & Érico Toscano • Amanda Teixeira • Anna Thereza • Ana Lira • Ana Lobo • André Hauck and Camila Otto • André Penteado • Arthur Omar • Beira Movida Editoral • Beto Shibata • Bia Bittencourt • Bruno Vilela • Carine Wallauer • Carlos Issa • Carlos Mélo • Carolina Cattan • Claudia Andujar • Claudia Jaguaribe • Clarice Hoffmann • Companhia Rapadura • Cristiano Sant'Anna • Daniel Athayde • Diego Saldiva • Dione Veiga Vieira • Fabio Morais • Felipe Russo • Felippe Moraes • Fernanda Gassen • Fernanda Grigolin • Fernanda Magalhães • Fernando Peres • Flavia Mielnik • Francisco Folle Beraldo • House needs to be cleaned up (Carine Wallauer, Leonardo Remor, Marco Antonio Filho, Roberta Sant'Anna, Serena Salvadori, Tiago Coelho) • Edgard de Souza • Edouard Fraipont • Edu Monteiro • Eduardo Montelli • Eduardo Veras • Elaine Tedesco • Elaine Pessoa • Erik Van Der Weijde • Gabriela Machado • Garapa • Geraldo de Barros • G IA + OPAVIVARÁ! • Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima • Gilberto Tomé • Gilvan Barreto • Gui Mohallem • Guilherme Falcão • Guilherme Gerais • Guilherme Peters • Gustavo Lacerda • Haroldo Saboia • Iatã Cannabrava • Ícaro Lira • Icaro Moreno Ramos • Iezu Kaeru • Chromatic Imaginary • Ivan Padovani Joaquim Paiva • João Castilho & Pedro David & Pedro Motta • João Castilho • Jonathas de Andrade • Jordi Burch • Josivan Rodrigues • Julia Milward • Julian Germain, Murilo Godoy, Patricia Azevedo and young people living on the streets of Belo Horizonte • Julio Bittencourt • Klaus Mitteldorf • Laura Del Rey & Alziro Barbosa • Leonardo Wen • Lia Chaia • Livia Aquino • Letícia Lampert • Lucas Simões • Lucia Mindlin Loeb • Lucille Kanzawa • Luiza Baldan • Madalena Schwartz • Marc Ferrez • Marco Antonio Filho • Maria Helena Bernardes • Marcelo Moscheta • Marcio Vilela • Marilá Dardot • Marta Bosquet • Martina Brant • Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg • Mauro Restiffe • Mayana Redin • Michel Zózimo • Montserrat Baches • Natalia Schul • Paula Sampaio • Paulo Bruscky • Pedro David • Pedro Lima • Pedro Victor Brandão • Priscila Buhr • Priscila Gonzaga • Rafael Adorján • Rafael Assef • Renata Siqueira Bueno • Ricardo Theodoro • Rochelle Costi • Roberto Bellini • Roberto Siqueira Bueno • Rodrigo Braga • Rodrigo Bueno • Romy Pocztaruk • Ronald Ansbach • Rosângela Rennó • Ruth Sousa • Sabrina Duran • Samy Adghirni • Samy Sfoggia • Savant Editor • Silvan Kaelin • Silvan Kaelin and Philip Matesic • Silvino Mendonça • Simone Cupello • Thaisa Figueiredo • Tiago Santana • Traplev • Túl • Val Sampaio • Vanderlei Lopes • Victor Leguy • Washington Silveira • Walda Marques • Waltercio Caldas

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