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Works presented at the exhibition  "What the Image Does Not Reveal"
Isla, São Paulo, October 2017
 • There is more between Heaven and Earth...

There are more things between Heaven and Earth...   |  There are more things in Heaven and Earth than...

The fact that our perception of reality is limited to a range among many others in the multiplicity  of the perceptual spectrum  existing in nature, confronts us with the total relativization of the most solid certainties. The real only exists as such before the filter of the senses; then, the same situation will produce as many versions of reality as different are the senses that perceive it.

As I walked down the Bergpark Hill in Kassel looking to exit the park to take the train back to the city, for a brief moment I distanced myself from the public path and then came across an unusual scene. A tree appeared to have an eye in its trunk, but it was unclear whether the mark was natural or human-made. Then I started taking pictures. As I walked around the tree, I found something even stranger: a precarious construction made with a clump of branches forming a kind of hut. However, it was not exactly a shelter, as besides being low, the gaps between the branches were not covered. Curiosity aroused both euphoria and fear. Who could have built something like that? What would be the purpose of this? How long had you been there?
The shivers down my spine reinforced the impression that my passage through the land of the Grimm brothers lives up to the fantastic legends.
Ha mais coisas.jpg

Photograph printed with mineral pigment on cotton paper sewn on felt attached to a wooden frame,

hiding the second image printed in the same technique measuring 50cm x 75cm. 2017.

In "There are more things between Heaven and Earth..." it is necessary to lift the felt to see the hidden image.

• Entity

Intrigued by that kind of cabin in such a peculiar setting, I barely noticed that it was getting dark quickly. Suddenly, I was startled by the realization that I was alone in the middle of the pitch black park. There was still a long way to go before I was on the route that would take the train back to town, and I could barely see the only lights coming from the buildings in the distance on the road. Overcome by adrenaline and fear, I ran down the hill, fighting time to recognize my way back into the twilight. That's when I came across this tree and had to surrender to the majesty of its presence. Despite my haste, I stopped to stare at her for a bit. With some reverence, I mentally asked permission to represent her. 

Entity (Bergpark, Kassel)
Photograph printed with mineral pigment on cotton paper, nailed to a wooden base. 40cm x 50cm, 2017.

• putukusi

(If there is so much ambiguity in our perception of reality, what will it say in what reaches us via images?)

The scene capture of this work was taken years before the other two I have just described. When Julie Dumont, curator of "What The Image Doesn't Reveal", told me about the theme, I immediately remembered this footage I took in Machu Picchu in 2011. At that time, suddenly a heavy rain fell, but luckily I was near one of the few covered places there, the "Casa de los Guardianes". The small building has three windows that frame the beautiful view of Putukusi, a mountain sacred to the Incas (the third “Apu”, along with Machu Pichu and Wayna Pichu). However, the only thing we could see was a dense white layer; we seemed to be inside the clouds. So, I set up the tripod and started shooting at intervals of seconds (time-lapse). I remember hearing people beside me mocking that nothing would appear in my images. Just smile,  with the certainty that the alteration of the passage of time in the recording would reveal scenes that our eyes could not perceive live.
Putukusi lluvia - 720p
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Putukusi . Video. Duration: 7min. 2011-2017

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