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0º Experience - Ground Zero of Ecuador

Experiência 0°
Marco Zero do Equador /Macapá
Múltiplo (Mapa)
42 x 54 cm

This experience was carried out in Macapá during a visit to Ecuador's Ground Zero Monument. The procedure began with the appropriation of the local tourist map, and from this, a system of rules was created to represent this space. Taking as a starting point the observation of the large graphic area occupied by advertisements in material intended for spatial orientation, I developed a kind of visual syntax in which advertising space is associated with geographic space. To do so, I drew lines joining the center of each advertisement with the representation of Ground Zero. Then, with the help of these lines, I calculated the geographic position of the space occupied by advertising. These measurements guided a photographic essay. A transposition of the values (in degrees) of the position of the lines on the map to the landscape was performed, with the aid of a compass on which the camera was positioned. After that, the photographs were inserted on the map, replacing the advertisements.

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