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Sem título
1999 - 

Fotomontagem analógica (C-41)
com colagem manual sobre base de madeira.
Dimensão e data original: 70cm x 84cm, 1999

A obra considerada pós o acidente está acondicionada em caixa de madeira e vidro. Dimensão total:120 x 134cm, 2018


This was the first work in a series developed in the years when I moved to the devastated apartment. It consisted of total fragmentation for later reconstitution of analog photographic images, carried out during the period when digital photography began to spread in Brazil. The entire process was manual, from capture, enlargement and assembly. Collage did not involve adding or discarding elements; it only restored the photo in its entirety with some fragments in other positions.


The gesture of dividing the representation into units of equal size with variations in reassembly suggests the general relativization of reference points. Even documents and memoirs are subject to the arbitrariness of interpretive circumstances. The choice to use images of the skies, in the series that this work opens, resonates with the archetypal symbolism associated with the infinite, the intangible and, at the same time, makes reference to the horizon common to all.


With the incident that dissolved much of the chemical emulsion in this photograph, excess moisture also caused visible ripples in the structure. In order to highlight the peculiarity of the movement, the piece was placed at a certain distance from the background in a wooden box, so that its shadow projects the curved outline. This and the next work are the only originals in the exhibition.

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